5 things preventing your potential


Are you looking for your own piece of the promised land—the pinnacle of your personal success story? It’s no secret that you will not find it while standing still. Before we see the promise, we must first live into our potential. 

Potential is possessing qualities or abilities that, when developed, may lead to future success. That’s the good news—no matter where you are or what you’ve been through, opportunity is still knocking. Promise, then, is the reward of our potential. Develop it and promise takes care of itself. This development is a daily decision—every day we’re either promoting or preventing our potential. 

So how’s your potential? Is it developing or declining? 

here are 5 things preventing your potential:

1. Your Handheld Device – A 2012 study explains the addictive nature of cell phones and social media. According to the study, on average, participants accessed social media 20+ times per day. How could anyone get anything accomplished? I, for one, certainly check social media more often than I should. When it comes to cell phones and our potential, less is best.

2. Determined Deprivation – Stress levels are at an all time high—but not because they have to be. We refuse to rest. Despite our knowledge of its benefits, setting a work-free day aside seems impossible. The human mind, let alone the body, cannot go, go, go without eventually breaking down.

3. Your Diet – It’s one of two mentalities: we either live to eat or eat to live. I’m consistently stunned by the power and energy behind a good diet with a few whole-food supplements. Here’s my choice.

4. Dedicated Disciplines – Small disciplines can make a huge difference. Here are two examples: First, never underestimate the overall benefit of being in good cardiovascular health. Working out four to five times a week does wonders for the mind and stops the ill effects of stress. Second, either you control your schedule or your schedule controls you. Few things promote personal potential more than getting a hold of your schedule. Are you planning your day and/or week before it happens?

5. Daily Devotion – One of the most practical yet powerful things Jesus ever said was, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” Knowing this, why wouldn’t we begin each day investing in Truth that can’t be taken from us? It’s amazing how a few minutes spent aligning our passion with His passion can maximize our efficiency and promote our potential.

What am I leaving out? What’s something else preventing our potential?