education vs. drive: a $116,000 secret

education isn't the only thing

Sometimes we do things just because we’re supposed to. For example, 20 million young adults will go off to college this year with the false notion that a four-year degree will make them healthy, wealthy, and wise. Nothing could be further from the truth. With an average tuition now around $29,000 a year, I want to tell you a $116,000 secret.

A college education is an important thing, but it’s not the only thing. Out of the 20 million students that begin this year, 75% will never graduate. Of those who do graduate, they will change their major an average of 3-4 times. It’s not a problem with our educational institutions or their approach. It’s a growing unintentional ignorance as to how success is truly attained.

success gets misunderstood

Having interviewed and interacted with today’s young adults, success seems to be misunderstood. It’s not a God-given right! Success is earned and achieved through lots (and lots and lots) of hard work.

Therefore, as parents, relatives, teachers, and coaches, it’s our obligation to help obviate the entitlement mentality. Why? Because although education is a wonderful thing, drive is what makes the difference! 

Apart from a vibrant relationship with Jesus, the one thing I want my children to develop is a strong sense of drive and determination.

Anyone can buy an education. Drive has to be developed. (click here to Tweet that)

how to develop drive

If I’m going to develop drive and determination in my children, here are four ways I need to help them:

1. Process their past – This is an ongoing task. Children are born into less than perfect situations. And, as you know, parenting is a work in progress. 

That’s why it’s our responsibility to help children process their past – to help them understand why things are the way they are and why bad things happen to ALL people. Children are more resilient when they can process their imperfect past.

2. Promote their passion – This is huge! I used to think some people were more passionate than others. Not anymore. Everyone is passionate about something but that something has to be discovered. Many siblings never discover their passion because a sister, for example, was so good at singing, so singing became the standard for receiving affirmation from one or both parents.

A critical part in helping children develop their sense of drive is promoting their passion. If they like music, get them guitar or piano lessons and take them to concerts. If they like electronics, give them a few gadgets and the freedom to discover and experiment.

3 . Develop Discipline – No one likes discipline – initially. However, over time, discipline can be developed and appreciated. Start with something simple, like chores around the house that earn your child rewards or pay an allowance. Children need to experience the correlation between hard work, satisfaction, and success.

4. Frame Failure – I want my children to properly understand failure. Failure is not an outcome or result, it’s an attitude that allows anything less than our best. (click here to Tweet that)

These four pillars can produce undeniable drive. You can purchase an education, but drive makes the difference – it’s the $116,000 secret!