cancer doesn’t begin with a diagnosis

This past year my family lost a lifelong friend. He had battled cancer before and won but this time it came back with a vengeance. Though we have hope that we will see him again, the sense of separation seems unbearable at times. Death and separation—it was never meant to be this way. Within God’s original design, death, loss and the sense of separation did not exist.

Having personally felt the pressures of a parent being diagnosed with cancer over 20 years ago, I started immersing myself in everything about it: how it starts, what it is, and every kind of treatment available, from holistic to the most modern innovations spanning from here in the United States to the most remote villages around the world. Now, having had more than one loved one diagnosed with cancer, I’ve purchased and tried more supplements and state-of-the-art technology than you could ever imagine.

The fight against cancer is a major reason why I and a few close friends of mine are opening a regenerative bio boutique in Dayton, Ohio next month. 

BodyGarage Dayton will specialize in removing emotional trauma from the body by incorporating ancient modalities with the most modern pieces of health technology. We focus on removing emotional trauma from the body through focusing on the body’s fascia and lymphatic system. BodyGarage works with clients to optimize:

BodyGarage’s primary objective is to facilitate healing and wholeness. Unfortunately, this is not the experience of many who have looked to today’s modern medical model or mainstream health care system for help. As most suspect, we, too, question whether or not the mandated pursuit of profitability, as public companies, has perverted the purity of today’s medical professional’s approach. For example, the treatment of cancer has become an industry in and of itself. On average, over 50% of an oncologist’s salary comes from the pharmaceutical company(s) they prescribe their drugs from. 

In my role as a pastor at City Church, it’s not uncommon for me to sit with a dozen or so people a year that have been diagnosed with cancer. Scared half to death, I understand why so many choose to have something immediately cut out, cut off, or radiated before even getting a second opinion or taking the time to think about it. 

This happens because most people have been influenced to believe that cancer just appears out of nowhere. That Cancer is an undefeatable monster that randomly chose them. That one day you’re good and the next day you’re not. Sounds crazy, right?

Cancer does not begin with a diagnosis

Most often (because there are exceptions) cancer begins with neglect. It’s a stressful life, a lack of deep relationships, and/or eating whatever we want, whenever we want it that almost guarantees a cancer diagnosis. Notice I used the word “diagnosis”? This is where the faulty thinking begins. The word diagnosis is faulty thinking? 

Everyone has cancerous cells within their bodies almost every day. A cancerous cell is nothing more than a mutant cell that our immune or lymphatic system was unable to eliminate. On average, depending on who you talk to, our body produces around 50 million new cells a second — over 1 billion new cells each and every day. Around 1 million of the 1 billion are damaged and therefore mutant, rogue, and/or “cancerous” cells. 

For most people, the body eliminates all 1 million of these cells. However, when the immune system gets overloaded with stress, emotional trauma, toxic environments, or unhealthy eating, it loses its ability to eliminate or keep up with the 1 million mutant cells each day. When a person’s immune system cannot keep up, one or more of the mutant cells begins to multiply and, joining forces, they become large enough to be identified and therefore diagnosed as cancer.

What’s this tell us? 

It reaffirms that cancer does not begin with a diagnosis. Cancer often begins with neglecting to take care of our body on a daily or regular basis. 


Here are a few suggestions for how you can better take care of your body and, in doing so, fight off those 1 million mutant cells today and the days to come:

  • Make a top 10 list of the things, people or situations that stress you out and slowly eliminate them. This is so important. There is nothing that taxes your immune system like stress. These stressors can be physical, emotional or spiritual.

  • Practice expressing gratitude everyday. Your cells love gratitude! Check this article out. 

  • Eat the things God made. Avoid man-made foods. Develop a whole-food diet containing lots and lots of veggies with less fruit and less meat.

  • Regularly invest in your gut and lymphatic system. Your gut is your second brain that actually manufactures all of the important chemicals that move throughout your blood and body. Your gut health has a lot to do with avoiding cancer and other diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Your lymphatic system is your body’s sewer system. If it’s backed up the body has a hard time getting rid of those one million mutant cells each day. One of the best ways to do this is by using high-vibration plates / therapy. This is something we will have at

  • Get an Emotional Release done. This practice releases past emotional trauma(s) that are stuck in our body’s fascia - keeping the body stuck in a state of fight or flight. Such a state severely limits the body’s ability to heal, opening us up to varying diseases. 

Cancer does not begin with a diagnosis. It begins with neglecting to take care of ourself today. If you need help or would like some suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me.