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This is where I share my unconventional thoughts about wholeness. I see it as my unique opportunity to catalog what I've learned and experienced, first and foremost as a journal, of sorts, that my 3 children can return to throughout their lifetime. You, too, are invited to join as I reflect on spirituality, leadership, business, community, and health & wellness. Here's the thing: I love creating but you'll rarely find me coloring inside of the lines—the unconventional life might look different but the ride is so fun you won't look back.
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is doubt a dirty word?

social justice and justice are not the same


Here are some of the tools and supplements I've used over the last twenty years. I only share the things I have used and really benefited from. I have established a relationship with some of these companies in order to get both me and you the best price possible. See what you think!  

some of my clients

Wholeness is about every part of life, especially the professional aspects. Being a serial entrepreneur, I've found that organizational health is critical for not just running a business, but making sure it's successful and fulfilling for everyone involved. Over the years, I've been privileged to consult for a number of companies looking to take their organization to a new level. Here are a few...